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Accessorize For New Year’s Eve With Pame

- Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year’s Eve is the best time to dress up. Everyone is happy and in the mood to celebrate, and it’s one holiday where we’re actively encouraged to sparkle. But your cocktail dress or sequined top and leather pants are only part of the style equation—your accessories can really make or break your outfit, so choose wisely.

Here are a few ideas for pairing some of jewelry designs with your New Year’s Eve outfit:

If you’re wearing a sequined dress, keep accessories simple to let your dress steal the spotlight. For jewelry, we recommend sticking to a chic pair of earrings, like our Pave Hoops in Light Topaz Crystal.

If you’re going more casual and sticking to a sweater and pants combination, dress it up a bit with some celebrity jewelry: our Triple Pave Nugget Necklace and some bangles.

Perhaps your night calls for an on-trend ensemble like a blouse and a leather skirt. Add a statement piece, like a bold cuff or necklace to complete the look.  

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it classic and rocking a little black dress in New Year’s Eve. Add some subtle sparkle with a pair of Green Beryl Drop Earrings

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Do You Have A Go-To Accessory?

- Thursday, August 15, 2013

It livens up any look, goes with practically every outfit you own and is an essential part of your signature style. Having a go-to accessory is truly time saver when you’re assembling your OOTD (outfit of the day) and can make packing a breeze when you travel. Many of our jewelry designs have the timeless, versatile style of a go-to piece. 

When selecting a go-to accessory, keep your wardrobe in mind. If your closet is full of classic, polished pieces, you’ll want a piece of simple but chic jewelry such as an oblong pave nugget. If you’re a free-spirited fashionista, a moon charm necklace or more eclectic jewelry designs might better express your personal style. A go-to accessory should complement the majority of your clothing and should transition easily from a t-shirt and jeans to a date night dress. 

Your go-to accessory should also be able to tie together a variety of outfits. If you’re packing for a beach getaway, a set of shimmery gold bangles will liven up a tank top and shorts during the daytime and add sophistication to a little black sundress at night. The more versatile the accessory, the fewer you will have to pack.

Do you currently have a go-to accessory?


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Dive Into Summer With The Wave Necklace

- Tuesday, July 9, 2013

beach jewelryHere at Pame Designs, we try and put ourselves in beach mode all year round. We believe that beach jewelry isn’t just for the summer, but rather the perfect accessory for anyone who loves easy, effortless style all year round. But don’t get us wrong: We adore summer! In fact, we can’t get enough of it and we draw inspiration from our favorite season all year long.

And one of our favorite jewelry designs is the Gold Wave on Leather necklace. Simple, sinuous and a chic nod to long, lazy days on the beach and evenings spent in our flowy maxi dresses. This 14K Gold Filled necklace on Natural Leather looks great alone or layered and its available in the small size (15.5") or the medium (16”), if you like a little extra room to play.


So make some waves this summer and rock this elegant design with a T-shirt, your bikini or just a simple little black dress.




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Channel The Hamptons With Beach Jewelry

- Wednesday, June 26, 2013

celebrity jewelryWe love summer in Hamptons.  Rolling up our jeans to stroll on the Beach. Lobster rolls. Boutique trolling. We think on Montauk as our home away from home in the summer, so it’s no surprise that this East end seaside town in the Hamptons has inspired some of our favorite beach jewelry.

Our Montauk Pebble Necklace collection is inspired from the beaches in Montauk and is the perfect beach jewelry to wear not only throughout the summer, but on those days when you just need to channel a little Hamptons flavor. 

The collection comes in three combinations: mixed metalgold and silver plate. The mixed metal one features one  “mommy nugget” in gold plate and four baby nuggets in silver plate. (Note: We love wearing The Montauk Pebble necklace with mixed metals and other metal chains from Pame Designs for a chic jewelry look.) The gold Montauk Pebble Necklace features three gold-plated nuggets and is adjustable from 16 to 18". 

If you’re a fan of something simple in the summer, the silver Montauk Pebble Necklace showcases one gorgeous nugget of goodness for you to wear just as is or layered with other pieces for an effortless, fun look.

Next to your beach bag and sunscreen, these chic little treats for your neck will be summer staples from day to evening. And if a getaway to Montauk isn’t in the cards this summer, wear them to work and channel that East Coast beach vibe in the boardroom.

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Boho Style Tips for Your Guy

- Friday, May 24, 2013

Do you think Boho style would look great on your man? Do you want to help him achieve this effect without ending up looking messy and unkempt? Here are a few items to sneak into his closet.

- Loose fitting, long sleeved shirts in a lightweight fabric
- Layered t-shirts in earthy colors
- A fitted, single button or open front vest in a dark, solid color
- High-waisted brown or black wool trousers for winter
- Non-dyed linen or canvas slacks for summer
- Faded jeans with a little wear but no big holes or tears
- Leather thong sandals for summer
- Round toed suede boots for winter
- Pointed toe leather shoes for dressing up
- A felt fedora or cap
- A scarf in wool or other natural materials
- A leather belt with an understated brass buckle
- Layered leather, metal and stone Boho style jewelry pieces for neck and wrists

Don’t try to rush your guy into going “all the way” Boho. Take things a couple of accessories at a time for a sneaky makeover!




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Chic Boho Style on Pinterest

- Monday, May 20, 2013

Where do you go for inspiration on how to combine jewelry to achieve a perfectly chic boho style? We’re betting you like to frequent the Pinterest website where visuals are what it’s all about. We found a great pinboard by contributor Susan Engle where you can see lots of different “flavors” of this trendy style. The “Bohemian” theme is, by its very nature, highly eclectic. It can draw on designs and materials from all over the globe while still maintaining its earthy, authentic feel. So, while the individual jewelry items and accessories you select are important, how you achieve your overall look by layering the right pieces is even more critical. As you scroll through the gorgeous pins on Susan’s board, you’ll notice a few common denominators:

Long, Long, Long Necklaces

If your necklace is long enough to get tangled in the handlebars of your bicycle, it’s totally Boho! Your longest necklace serves as a frame for all the shorter ones you layer on top. Beaded, pendant, and chain necklaces are all great choices that will swing and sway as you walk. 

Stacked Bangles and Cuffs

If you are a free spirit, chances are you gesticulate with your hands unselfconsciously as you speak (or dance). Adding lots of bracelets gives your movements even more emphasis. Get kinetic with your bangles to create a soundtrack for your life.

Leather and Feathers

Cold, hard metal and shiny, brittle beads need to be counterbalanced with more organic materials. Leather indicates that you are no thin-skinned socialite while colorful plumage shows that you aren’t afraid to stand out from the rest of the flock. Seashells also make an appearance in Boho beach jewelry to add the element of water.

Chunky Bouquet of Rings

Rings bring your fingers alive, so why stop with just one? If you wear a ring on every finger, no one will be able to tell if you’re married or engaged. This adds to your air of mystery and lets you flirt just a little! Semi-precious stones each have their own meaning, so you can carry a whole story in your hands.

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