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Three Ways To Dress Up A Sweater And Jeans

- Monday, January 20, 2014

The holiday season is full of festivities that require us to dress up. And while we love the glitz and glamour of a fancy ensemble, we’re looking forward to more casual days now that the season is behind us. A standard go-to outfit for winter is a sweater and jeans—it’s classic, it’s comfortable and it’s casual, but not too casual. Here are three ways to rock this timeless look:

1. Dress it up with some chic jewelry like our ornate Venice Cuff. Wear skinny jeans and ankle boots and carry your go-to handbag.

2. Wrap a scarf around your neck to add sophistication to the sweater. Since that will draw eyes upward, keep jewelry simple and wear a pair of stud earrings and our Pelota Stackable Rings. If your jeans have a narrow leg, wear pumps with them to elongate your legs. For this look, a clutch makes a perfect accessory.

3. Soften up the look by wearing our Hand Brushed Lariat in Natural Leather over the sweater and sporting our versatile leatherette as a bracelet. Finish off the ensemble with flats and a stylish satchel. 

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Ten Ways To Wear Your Little Black Dress

- Friday, January 17, 2014

The little black dress is a classic wardrobe staple every woman should own (actually, we fully encourage having several). But sometimes we fall into a bit of a fashion rut, wearing our LBDs the exact same way every time. And while it surely looks good with those black pumps and chandelier earrings, we promise, there are plenty of ways you can dress your closet classic up and down. Here are ten ways to wear your little black dress:

1. Dress up your LBD with polka dot tights. They’ll add a trendy touch and are adorable at any age. Top off the look with black pumps and a pair of Pave Hoops.

2. Add some bold color by wearing a bright pink or royal blue blazer over the top. Accessorize with nude tights, nude pumps and some chic celebrity jewelry, such as the Cut-Out Cuff worn by Kristin Davis.

3. Make your handbag steal the spotlight. If you’ve got a designer bag in a bright color, make that your LBD’s main accessory.

4. Add a little edge by wearing a black leather jacket over your LBD. Accessorize with a red clutch and red lipstick.

5. A little black dress with a higher neckline will look elegant when accessorized with long necklaces. We recommend wearing a Leatherette at its full 45“ length and layering it with another necklace or two for a sophisticated look. Finish off the ensemble with a pair of ankle boots and some skinny bangles. 

6. Sometimes only the most elegant accessories will do. If you’ve got a big night out and you need to sparkle, wear some sky-high, shimmery stilettos—if you don’t own any, your event is a great excuse to buy some. Accessorize with our most glamorous celebrity earrings, the Green Beryl Drop Earrings, and carry a metallic clutch. 

7. Embellish your little black dress with a brooch or pin. The right brooch can make even your oldest LBD look new again. Since the dress’s embellishment will provide plenty of bling, stick to a simple pair of earrings like our Faux Bois Wave Earrings and skip the necklace.

8. Go crazy with colored heels! If you own a pair of leopard print pumps or red strappy sandals, your LBD makes a perfect pairing. Colored or printed heels were practically made for wearing with this closet classic. Accessorize with similar hues, but don’t be too matchy-matchy...the black dress makes a perfect canvas for creative color play.

9. Create extra waist definition by wearing a skinny colored belt around your waist. In addition to whittling your middle, it will add contemporary flair to your dress. For a more subtle contrast, wear a shimmery black belt.

10. Want to be dripping in gold? Wear your LBD with a Gold Venice Cuff, a Montauk Pebble Cluster Necklace and metallic heels. Finish it off with a classic smoky eye for added glamour. 

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What Inspires You?

- Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Inspiration is all around us, that much is certain. But what inspires one may not inspire another. A writer may be inspired by overhearing a conversation, while a graphic designer might get inspired by the way tall blades of grass look. Each of us views the world through a different set of eyes, so different things will trigger those places in our minds that encourage us to create, move, take a chance or do whatever it is that we need to do.

Many of our boho style jewelry was inspired by natural elements. The appropriately named Montauk Pebble Necklace, recently featured in Nylon magazine, was inspired by the gorgeous oasis of Montauk, our Roman Glass Slice Necklace was inspired by the beautiful beaches of Mexico.

And while the ocean is perfect inspiration for all things beautiful, it’s not just the scenery that inspires our designer to create. Since Tahitian pearls are known for providing protection and good luck when you’re in the water, Pame Designs offers lots of beach jewelry that features them, such as the Triple Tahitian Pearl Wrap. The Oblong Pave Nugget, one of our most popular pieces. was inspired by some natural stones we thought would look better with a little sparkle.

For some, it’s not art that needs creating or jewelry that needs designing. Some people may need inspiration to do something they’ve resolved to do this year, like finding a new job or getting into shape. They may look to traditional places for inspiration, such as others’ success stories or motivational quotes. Or, something more serendipitous may may get inspired by a magazine cover, take a yoga class, fall in love with the practice and get into shape in the process.

The beautiful thing about inspiration is that it can guide you to living your best life, doing amazing things and having meaningful experiences. But to be inspired, you’ve got to know how to find inspiration. A few good ways are:

  • Try new things. Step outside of your comfort zone once in awhile. Take a dance class, try new recipes or start to learn a new language.
  • Take a camera out for a walk and photograph everything that looks beautiful to you.
  • Read books, blogs and articles about people who have overcome obstacles and achieved greatness.
  • Watch inspirational speeches, like TED talks.
  • Have coffee with your best friends and ask them what they’re most grateful for.
  • Listen to music that moves you.
  • Take a solo vacation, even if it’s just for a weekend.
  • Reflect on everything you’ve accomplished in life and think about how you got there.
  • Buy some new fashion magazines and pay attention to the colors and patterns you like the most.
  • Read about different periods of history and different cultures.

So… what inspires you?



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Fresh, Fun Winter Outfit Ideas

- Sunday, December 29, 2013

As we end the holiday season and greet the new year, it’s natural to focus on fresh starts and setting goals. In addition to the standard New Year’s Eve resolutions (and the exciting style and beauty resolutions), it might be fun to go through your closet and jewelry box to see how many new outfits you can create from pieces you already own. If you’ve been living in sweaters and jeans all winter, break away from those standard staples and get creative with your separates and chic jewelry. With a little creativity, you can easily maximize the contents of your closet.

1. Sequins aren’t just for holiday parties! You can incorporate them into your everyday ensembles—even your work outfits! Try pairing a sequin skirt with a soft sweater, tights and ankle boots. Or, wear a sequin tank top with a blazer and jeans. Top off the look with a Zig Zag Bangle, which has a subtle shine that won’t distract from the sparkling sequins.

2. Wearing all black is chic and stylish, if it’s done right. Play with textures and pair a black leather peplum top with black skinny pants. From there you can add color with some bright heels and a bold handbag. Gold jewelry like our Wave Bangle looks especially elegant when worn with a black outfit, but we also like the colorful contrast the Turquoise Labradorite Wrap will provide.

3. Some of your sleeveless summer dresses may work for winter. Simply add leggings, a long cardigan and a scarf and you’ll have an outfit that’s ready for a cold day. Just make sure any jewelry designs you wear aren’t too summery.

4. Wearing white all winter is in style this year—but have you tried blending black and white yet? Take a white chunky sweater, add a black skirt, wear some white tights and a black hat and you’ll have a look that’s totally Parisian-chic.

5. Did you buy in to the tartan plaid shirt trend of Fall 2013? Try wearing it with a knee-length leather skirt, ankle boots and a set of Studded Bangles. The edgy femininity of the leather skirt will offset the Western look of the plaid perfectly.

6. Slip on a long-sleeved white button-up shirt under a sleeveless dress. Whether it’s a black, plaid or printed dress, it will add trendy texture without creating extra bulk.

7. If you have a graphic sweatshirt, pair it with a skirt instead of your standard jeans. Then add some decorative flats and some Hollywood jewelry. The creative combination will be the definition of casual-chic.

8. You know that light, faux leather motorcycle jacket you haven’t worn since early October? Start wearing it as your outfit’s top layer instead of as a coat. You’ll add instant edge to any ensemble.

As we enter the new year, spend some time digging through your closet and finding creative clothing combinations. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to settle for subpar style.



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Hot Holiday Beauty Trends For 2013

- Friday, December 6, 2013

It’s hard to believe it, but in a few short weeks we’ll be saying goodbye to the year 2013. In the meantime, we’ll head to plenty of parties, attend some charity functions and celebrate the holidays with our loved ones. The holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade your style to something a little more magical. From the hottest holiday hairstyles to the perfect accessories, we’ll give you some inspiration for looking your best this time of year.

Hair Trends

Braids were huge throughout the year, and the holiday season is no exception. Get creative with the braided updos you’ve been wearing since summer by embellishing them with sparkly clips or small combs. If you prefer to wear your hair down and you’ve got some length, wear it sleek and straight with some product that makes it shine.

The top knot bun is also still trendy. Make it more festive with some small side twists. Wearing your hair in a top knot will make sure no one misses your chic celebrity earrings.

If you’re heading to a cocktail party or a glamorous gala, give your hair a deep side part and add some tight curls. Shake them out with your fingers and you’ll have elegant retro waves. Pin a sparkly clip on one side of your head and wear a pair of our Pave Hoops.

Make-Up Trends

When it comes to holiday make-up, two classic trends come to mind: red lipstick and glittery eyeshadow. Both are beautiful and elegant, though it’s best not to wear them at the same time. But for the 2013 holiday season, the trend to try is gold metallic eyeliner. Wear it both above and below the eye with a neutral eyeshadow and practically any lipstick. 

For a lip color that will outlast every sip of champagne and every bite of sugar cookie, try a lip stain. Lip stains have stolen the scene this year, and they’re a perfect pick for the holiday season. Just make sure your lips are well moisturized before you apply, or try a dual formula that has a conditioning balm with the stain. Your color will last much longer that way.

Accessories Trends

This year’s holidays accessories have one thing in common: it’s all about the gold. Shimmery gold clutches, gold pumps and stilettos, gold watches and gold chains are the holiday party staples this year. Our gold Crushed Cuff With Green Moss Agate will add a chic shimmer to any winter ensemble, or you could complement your manicure with five golden rings.

2013 has been the year of ornate accessories, and the holiday season is known for its glitzy shimmer. So go ahead and pile on your best bling and your chic jewelry. Statement necklaces, chandelier earrings and unique bracelet designs are all popular picks this year. As always, just make sure to wear the accessories that best complement your outfit and make you 

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Pame Pick Of The Week: The Wave

- Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The holiday season is officially in full swing, and your social calendar is likely filled to the brim with parties and events. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of versatile accessories to wear to all those soirees, which is why you’re sure to love the latest Pame Pick of the Week. For the next week, our 60” Wave Necklace/Bracelet is yours for 30% off. 

Available in gold or silver, this piece is one of our most versatile jewelry designs. It’s also made the cover of two magazines: Ashley Hinshaw rocked it on the cover of ICON, while a model wore in layered to perfection on the cover of Aspen Sojourner. Wear it as a bracelet to your company’s holiday party, then as a necklace with your New Year’s Eve dress. The Wave Necklace/Bracelet looks great alone or layered with other chic jewelry. Its simple elegance makes it a glamorous holiday gift for someone you love as well.

Use code PPWAVE to enjoy 30% off our 60" Wave Necklace/ Bracelet Duo!



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What To Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner

- Friday, November 22, 2013

If you’re not in charge of hosting Thanksgiving for your friends and family this year, be thankful that the turkey and trimmings are someone else’s project. Going to someone else’s home for Thanksgiving dinner means you get to relax and enjoy being a guest. And while it’s tempting to show up in stretchy sweatpants, the last thing you want to do is arrive underdressed.

Dressing up for Thanksgiving will vary quite a bit from person to person depending on their destinations and family atmosphere. But whether you’re enjoying a casual afternoon meal at a crowded table in your mom’s kitchen or a fancy evening five course soiree at your husband’s boss’s house, Thanksgiving is a fun opportunity to express yourself through your sense of style. We’ll give you three examples of Thanksgiving scenarios complete with ideas for stylish—and comfortable—ensembles.

Scenario: Dinner with the boyfriend’s family

Obviously you want to impress the people who may become your in laws, but you don’t want to come across as pretentious or stuffy, especially if
you’ve never met them. Unless you know them to be very formal people, jeans are fine as long as you dress them up. Wear a lacy camisole or a v-neck tee, a fitted blazer and a pair of pumps or ankle boots. Accessorize with some everyday chic jewelry like our soft Pink Pearl Choker or the 9 Freshwater Pearl Wrap. You’ll look so classically stylish and put-together you’ll win his mother over before she even tries your green bean casserole.

Scenario: Dinner at your parents’ place

No matter how long it’s been since you’ve lived with your parents, going home for the holidays may seem like a free pass to show up to Thanksgiving dinner in yoga pants and a sweatshirt. But this is not the case. You want your family to treat you like the mature adult you are, not the troubled teen you once were. Still, there’s no rule against dressing comfortably, especially when you know your mother will serve you a second helping of her famous mashed potatoes without you even having to ask.

Slip on a long sweater, a pair of leggings or skinny jeans and a pair of over-the-knee boots. Wear a chic scarf around your neck and add some celebrity jewelry, like the Cut-Out Cuff worn by Kristin Davis. Finish off the look with a pair of Pave Hoops and pull your hair into a comfortable up-do to show them off.

Scenario: Dinner with your best friends

Nothing beats sharing a holiday with your bff’s. A Friendsgiving dinner is the perfect time to wear an outfit that’s trendy but not outrageous or uncomfortable. Wear a classic sweater, a flared leather skirt, tights, and boots or flats. Give the ensemble some urban edge by adding the Shipwreck Coin Replica necklace. Finish it off with a bold berry lipstick and enjoy your food-filled ladies’ night.



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Pame Pick Of The Week: The Deco Ring

- Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The holidays are on the horizon and those party invitations have probably already started to arrive. Luckily, this week’s Pame Pick happens to be one of the best jewelry designs to wear to such a soiree. A holiday party is the perfect reason to break out the bling, and our Deco Ring with Lapis Lazuli is one sparkly statement maker. Enjoy either the silver or the gold Deco Ring for 30% off this week.

Our Deco Ring combines the look of modern art deco jewelry with organic, natural stones. Lapis Lazuli stones are set in gold or silver-plated pewter to create this chic jewelry. The combination of the two different elements makes the Deco Ring totally unique. This pretty piece has been featured in Aspen Sojourner magazine as an everyday elegant accessory. Not only does it make the perfect holiday party accessory, it will be just as wearable all summer long. 

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Three Celebrity Looks For Less

- Friday, November 15, 2013

We’ve all thumbed through the pages of our favorite fashion magazines, wishing we could wear the exact outfits of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. And while some of their wardrobe pieces require endless budgets and personal stylists, the fact is, most of their looks can be copied for less than you’d expect to spend. You can get wardrobe basics, trendy pieces and even celebrity jewelry on a smaller budget than the stars have. Here are three top fashion icons and ideas for snagging their style:

1. Blake Lively. When it comes to current style icons, Blake Lively tops a lot of lists. She’s known for her well put-together, always on-trend ensembles. Whether she’s rocking a casual t-shirt and jeans or she’s all glammed up for a Hollywood premiere, Blake always makes her savvy style look effortless. 

To get Blake’s style without breaking the bank, dare to be different. Mix prints and try pairing contrasting colors together. The dotted pullover and houndstooth pants she’s wearing in this photo can be found at Forever 21 or H&M. We also know Blake would adore our Gwyneth Paltrow-approved Tahitian + South Sea Lariat. This chic jewelry is versatile, laid back and effortlessly classy, much like miss Lively herself.

2. Brooklyn Decker. This boho chic beauty is a known fan of Pame Designs and was photographed wearing our Oblong Nugget Necklace on the cover of Women’s Health magazine last May. This former Sports Illustrated model has carried her beachy style from the sand to the city streets, often photographed in stylish sundresses and sun hats. 

To get Brooklyn’s look for less, think casual-chic. Pair a bold yellow t-shirt with a printed skirt, or wear sparkly metallic ballet flats with jeans and a sweater. Keep accessories simple but stylish, like the Oblong Nugget Necklace Brooklyn loves. Comfort is essential for Brooklyn’s style, but she never ceases to look amazing.

3. Beyonce. This fierce fashionista must have the most covetable closet in the world these days. From Destiny’s Child to Sasha Fierce, Beyonce has had quite the style transformation over the years. This is a woman who is not afraid to celebrate her curves or embellish her ensembles with big, bold jewelry and shoes. Anyone who wishes to emulate Beyonce should not be afraid to mix things up. She’s been spotted in a blazer, leather shorts and heels combo—and it works.

To channel your inner Beyonce, invest in printed pants, leather or faux leather shorts, comfortable curve-hugging tops, and a few form-fitting frocks. Sport some sky high heels and learn how to strut in them comfortably. When it comes to jewelry, if there’s anyone who loves her bling, it’s Mrs. Carter. Layer on the trendy bangles and rock a sparking Deco Ring. You’ll be doing your “Single Ladies” dance like a pro in no time.



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Winter Resort Style: Ten Ski Resort Must-Haves

- Thursday, November 7, 2013

There’s no doubt about it: summer is an amazing season. But those of us who love to ski and snowboard eagerly anticipate winter as well. You might think you’ll be too bundled up at the ski resort to look fashionable, but the fact is, you can look just as stylish on your winter getaway as you do on your summer escapes. Pack these ten essential pieces into your bag and you’ll be ready to hit the town along with the slopes.

1. Boots that are cute and practical. Invest in a pair you can wear outdoors during the day and wear with a long sweater and a pair of leggings at night. There are plenty of boots out there that are durable enough for snow and stylish enough to wear to dinner. Finding a versatile pair you love will save you space to pack more essentials.

2. Pretty long underwear. It exists, and a cute printed thermal will keep you cozy all day and look darling peeking out from underneath your v-neck sweater at night.

3. Our Studded Zig Zag Cuff. Pop it on with your evening ensemble and watch it enhance the entire outfit. This chic jewelry is versatile, stylish and both trendy and timeless. Who says boho style jewelry is limited to summertime?

4. Several sweaters. The sweater is to a ski resort what the sundress is to a beach resort. You’ll want one for every evening, but you’ll also love having options if you take a long lunch break or hit the town for some shopping. Take a few long pullovers, chunky sweaters and cardigans to wear with your leggings, jeans and skinnies.

5. Stylish, warm accessories that will complement your ski clothes and your street clothes. Think hats, gloves, scarves and ear muffs in basic black, tan or trendy cobalt blue.

6. A Leatherette wrap. Since our Leatherette can be worn three ways, it already makes a perfect pick for a vacation. But this versatile, soft, stylish accessory adds instant sophistication to jeans and a sweater, making it a great choice for a ski resort. Wear your Leatherette as a necklace and the Zig Zag Cuff on your wrist when you go out for the evening and you won’t need any more jewelry.

7. Polarized sunglasses. They look great on the slopes and they’ll give your sweater and jeans look a bit of attitude. Winter sunshine can be surprisingly harsh, so pack a polarized pair.

8. A fleece jacket. Save the heavy, waterproof coat for the slopes and wear a cozy but chic fleece layer when you’re out and about.

9. Fuzzy socks for when you head to bed. This goes without saying!

10. Board games or other activities. You’ll want to relax by the fireplace after a day spent skiing or snowboarding, and making new friends is always in style.




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