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Luxe Leather Jewelry

- Sunday, September 29, 2013

Using leather for jewelry might seem like a fairly new trend, but leather accessories actually date back to ancient history. Ancient Romans walked around in leather sandals, and other early civilizations wore leather bracelets and necklaces. Today leather is a popular pick for boho style jewelry. Soft, durable and stylish, this ancient trend has some serious staying power.

We love using leather to make our chic jewelry. We love the way it adds the perfect edge to precious metals and gives every piece a boho style look. And even though it’s currently trendy, leather jewelry is a timeless trend as well. Our versatile Leatherette Wrap is one of the best investments any stylish maven can make. Not only can it be worn for years to come, it can be worn three ways!

Our Freshwater Pearl Wrap is another classic piece of chic beach jewelry, featuring nine Freshwater pearls set on brandy-colored leather. But if you prefer a look that is a little more current and edgy, give an Aspen Cuff in Studded Leather a try. Between the oxidized brass and studded leather, you’ll love the trendy touch it gives your outfits.



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All That Glitters

- Friday, September 27, 2013

Jewelry trends come and go, but gold is forever in style. Classic, chic and effortlessly elegant, this metal is precious for a reason. Every woman, regardless of style or skin tone, looks great wearing gold jewelry. It’s a hot celebrity jewelry trend because of its timeless versatility, and slipping on a few gold pieces makes us all feel a little bit Hollywood.

We’re pretty proud of the gold pieces at Pame Designs and there’s no way we could ever choose a favorite. From our boho style necklaces to our trendy bracelet designs, we’ve got enough gold jewelry to accommodate any style. Even if you tend to stock up on silver, you should consider giving gold a try. The following five pieces are some of our best-loved picks.

Our Gold Cut-Out Cuff is one of our most popular pieces of celebrity jewelry. Spotted on Kristin Davis and several lovely ladies from E! News, this is one piece you’ll want to wear again and again. It’s versatile enough to be dressed up or down and looks perfect when paired with a casual sweater and jeans or an elegant dress. You can also layer this cuff with a set of skinny bangles to add a trendy touch.

Any woman who loves to make a statement will love our Deco Ring with Lapis Lazuli. Bold blue is certainly in style right now, but you can rock this ring for years to come. The Lapis Lazuli shimmers against the gold-plated pewter setting, making this art deco piece a true statement ring. The Deco Ring is also available with Green Moss Agate stones.

Those who prefer more demure accessories will love the way our Gold Wave on Leather looks. 14kt gold-filled metal and natural leather combine to create one of our most wearable—and affordable— jewelry designs. It’s so versatile that you can sport the Gold Wave on Leather with a business suit or a bikini and it will never look out of place. It’s available in the small size with a 15.5” length or the larger 16” length.

Our Bohemian beauties and beach lovers adore the gold Driftwood Necklace. You’ve got to love a piece of beach jewelry that was inspired by the beautiful ocean shores of Mexico. The pewter driftwood is dipped in gold and adorned with crystals to create a subtle shimmer. The Driftwood Necklace shines its brightest in the summertime, but it wears well in any season.

The gorgeous Tatyana Ali is one of many fans of our Faux Bois Wave Earrings. Talk about versatile accessories—this pair looks perfect during the day and finishes off an evening ensemble with a pop of shimmer from the pave crystals. If you don’t own a go-to pair of earrings you can add to your outfit on your way out the door, these beauties may be your best bet. 

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Urban Style by Pame

- Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pame Designs Urban STyle with the Shipwreck Coin and add Black Leatheret for a simple look.

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The History of the Bangle

- Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bangle bracelets are pieces of chic jewelry we love for their versatility and the way they add style to an entire outfit simply by hugging the wrist. But even though we love designing and wearing bangles, we certainly didn’t invent them. In fact, the bangle has an interesting history that dates back to ancient history.

The word “bangle” originated from the word Bangari, which means glass. Since the earliest bangles were made from metal, not glass, the term came later (around 500 BC) during the Roman Empire when glass melting got more advanced. The origination of the bangle is unknown, but they have been excavated from many archaeological sites throughout India. A figurine of a dancing girl wearing bangles was even excavated from Mohenjo-daro and dates back to 2600 BC!

These days, bangles are still a big part of the culture of South Asia. Single women sometimes wear bangles, but married women are expected to wear them. It’s common to see brides wearing glass bangles on their wedding day in Bangladesh, where it is said that the honeymoon ends when the last bangle breaks. So the next time you’re sporting a set of bangles with your outfit, just think—you’re emulating the style of millions of women throughout history.


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Trend Alert: Ride the Wave

- Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When we shop for clothes, we look for pieces that are versatile. We want wardrobe staples that we can use to create lots of different looks. This is not always the case for jewelry—sometimes our accessories are too unique to be worn with all but a few of our ensembles. Our convertible Wave Necklace and Bracelet, however, will be the signature piece of chic jewelry you reach for whether you’re rocking a date night dress or a t-shirt and jeans.

Our Wave can be worn as a necklace or as a layered bracelet, doubling its accessorizing options. It was worn by Tamera Mowry on an episode of her reality show along with Ashley Hinshaw for the cover of ICON magazine, which is no surprise since celebrity jewelry tends to be versatile. The Wave will look good as your outfit’s only necklace or layered with another. Best of all, this go-to accessory is a perfect pick in any season. 

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Statement Jewelry

- Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Styling Tip
Style Tip - is your outfit in need of a little oomph? Accessorize yourself with a statement ring like @pamedesigns 'Deco Ring' to make a bold style statement that will definitely get you noticed! Pair any statement ring with a simple but chic bracelet and necklace and your look is complete!! Shop the look now at #fashionista #falltrend #fashion #pamedesigns #GetTheLook #chic #style #Leather #gold #trends #fallfashion

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Reasons to Love Oxidized Brass Jewelry

- Friday, September 13, 2013

It may have roots dating back to prehistoric times, but when it comes to current jewelry trends, brass is a modern favorite. We prefer the more vintage look of oxidized brass for our boho style jewelry, and it appears we’re not alone. Oxidized brass jewelry has been spotted on celebrities and civilians all summer. In addition to the way it looks, the oxidized brass will help your jewelry last longer.

Brass oxidation occurs naturally over time, but man-made oxidation usually yields better results. Since oxidation is a natural means of slowing down the corrosion process of brass, your jewelry will stay beautiful and wearable for many years to come. Our Oxidized Brass Oblong Pave Nugget makes a great go-to accessory because of its versatility and subtle shimmer. If you haven’t yet tried this jewelry trend, try our Venice Cuff in Oxidized Brass and see why we love it. 

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Jewelry Design Inspiration: Colorful Fall Leaves

- Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inspiration is all around us. Those of us who create things for a living have learned to be exceptionally tuned into our senses as we never know when the desire to design will strike. As we embrace the changing season here at Pame Designs, we can’t help but notice the rich, vibrant colors of the fall leaves and how they make such beautiful inspiration for our jewelry designs.

From deep reds and rusts to bright greens, golds and browns, fall leaves deliver a color palette perfect for inspiration for designing jewelry. Since neutral hues and easy-to-wear accessories are all part of boho style jewelry collection, this season’s natural beauty makes for some fabulous style inspiration. But before we head off to create some new pieces over our pumpkin spice lattes, here are some ways you can incorporate those leafy hues into your current wardrobe with the help of our ready-to-wear jewelry designs:

1. Accessorize an everyday look with our Blossom Ring in Smokey Quartz. This stylish signature piece’s stone captures the rich brown of late fall leaves. Better yet, the neutral hue is ideal for wearing with some of fall’s boldest colors, like emerald green.

2. Rock a little black dress or an on-trend leather skirt and top with a Crushed Cuff with Green Moss Agate and Gold. Glimmering with the rich gold found on leaves in late September, our cuff will make a great addition to your autumn ensemble.

3. The look of leather is both luxurious and timeless, but leather also happens to be a hot current trend. To capture the rich rust hue of the late autumn leaves, invest in our 14kt Gold-Filled Leatherette in Cognac Leather. Not only is this bonafide celebrity jewelry, it’s versatile enough to be worn three ways. Our leatherette may end up taking the place of your favorite scarf this season!

4. If you’re the type of woman who must wear earrings with every outfit, you’ll love our Faux Bois Wave Earrings in Gold. This set takes a classic set of hoops for a twist and finishes off the look with pave crystals that add a subtle shimmer. Wear them with anything you deem worthy.

5. For a rough yet refined look that captures the beauty of nature, pop on a Green Tourmaline Brass Bangle. Handcrafted and easy to wear, this bangle really blends the beauty of the elements together just like the season we’re about to enter.

This fall, pay extra attention to what inspires you. Take some time to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the changing leaves, the gorgeous colors of the sunrise and the crisp autumn air in the evenings. You just might be surprised by what inspires you.



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Resort 2014 Accessories Trend Report: Big and Bold

- Thursday, September 5, 2013

What is big, bright and bold all over? The Resort 2014 accessories trend report! One of the biggest accessory trends in the Resort 2014 collections, was the that of statement accessories, including jewelry designs. Luckily for you, making a bold style statement has never been easier. Here are some tips on how to rock this trend:

1. Don’t set aside those demure, delicate necklaces just because bold accessories are in style. Layer them! Pair a long chain with a choker-length necklace for a more on trend look.

2. Go bold with your bracelets by wearing a cuff. These not-to-be missed pieces can be worn with anything from a fancy dress to a t-shirt and jeans. Our Crushed Cuff with Green Moss Agate and Gold embodies this year’s emerald green trend and is perfect for wearing by the beach or on the city streets.

3. If you accessorize your outfit with a bold handbag and colorful heels, keep the jewelry a little more classic and toned down. The Pame Designs Gold Wave Necklace / Bracelet can be worn two ways and blends beautifully with bright hues.

4. When it comes to statement rings, more is more. Wear our Pelota Stackable Rings in Gold on one hand and our Gold Bar Ring on the other.
Don’t be afraid to mix your metals this season, either! Wear silver with gold, wear a rainbow of gems, and wear them with whatever makes you look and feel your best. As we welcome big, bold accessories into our wardrobes, matching becomes a thing of the past.

5. Your biggest, brightest chic jewelry will look best paired with your neutral colored clothing pieces. If you sport a big statement necklace with a nude dress or a white t-shirt and jeans, it will make your accessories stand out even more.

6. Color blocked high heels are all the rage. Since these bold beauties will be your outfit’s main attraction, you can either stick to more simple jewelry or try to subtly match the colors of your shoes to your other accessories. For example, pair bright blue and black color blocked heels with the Aquamarine & Diamond Choker.

7. If you’ve always wanted to try wearing bigger earrings but have never had the nerve, now is a great time to give them a try. Pame Designs’ Fringe Hoops complement any boho style, while our Green Beryl Drop Earrings are the epitome of celebrity jewelry.

8. Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Normally we’d side with the classic style icon, but when it comes to 2014 Resort wear, we say leave them all on and flaunt them.







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Say it with Statement Rings

- Tuesday, September 3, 2013

If there’s one Hollywood jewelry trend we’ll always adore, it’s the statement ring. When it comes to accessorizing, rings are often overlooked because they seem like small, unnoticeable details. In reality, nothing is further from the truth. The right statement ring can really tie an outfit together. Decorate those demure digits with an oversized sparkler or two and see what we mean! 

Ornate accessories are in style this season, but the statement ring is a timeless trend. Typically, this chic jewelry is thought of as an extra-large piece, but really, a statement ring doesn’t have to take over your entire hand. Our gorgeous Deco Rings are perfect for anyone looking to make a bold style statement, while the slightly smaller Blossom Ring in Smokey Quartz is versatile enough to wear with anything and complements a boho style.

The next time your outfit needs a little oomph, reach for a statement ring to finish off your look. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself talking with your hands all day to show off your statement accessory.

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