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The Pulse Features Pame Designs

- Friday, June 28, 2013

Thank you to The Pulse magazine for featuring our convertible Leatherette Bracelet/ Necklace Wrap. Click here to buy.

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Channel The Hamptons With Beach Jewelry

- Wednesday, June 26, 2013

celebrity jewelryWe love summer in Hamptons.  Rolling up our jeans to stroll on the Beach. Lobster rolls. Boutique trolling. We think on Montauk as our home away from home in the summer, so it’s no surprise that this East end seaside town in the Hamptons has inspired some of our favorite beach jewelry.

Our Montauk Pebble Necklace collection is inspired from the beaches in Montauk and is the perfect beach jewelry to wear not only throughout the summer, but on those days when you just need to channel a little Hamptons flavor. 

The collection comes in three combinations: mixed metalgold and silver plate. The mixed metal one features one  “mommy nugget” in gold plate and four baby nuggets in silver plate. (Note: We love wearing The Montauk Pebble necklace with mixed metals and other metal chains from Pame Designs for a chic jewelry look.) The gold Montauk Pebble Necklace features three gold-plated nuggets and is adjustable from 16 to 18". 

If you’re a fan of something simple in the summer, the silver Montauk Pebble Necklace showcases one gorgeous nugget of goodness for you to wear just as is or layered with other pieces for an effortless, fun look.

Next to your beach bag and sunscreen, these chic little treats for your neck will be summer staples from day to evening. And if a getaway to Montauk isn’t in the cards this summer, wear them to work and channel that East Coast beach vibe in the boardroom.

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Give Old Bracelets Chic Boho Style

- Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chic JewelryOne of the new chic boho style bracelets from Pame designs is actually a new twist on the cutout cuff. This one has studded leather woven through the metal. It gives a little attitude to an already eye-catching piece of jewelry. Adding fabric or other materials to an existing bracelet to provide extra texture is a great way to make it more boho. Here’s one idea for how to do this at home – no sewing skills required!

Fabric Wrapped Bangle

You will need the following:

1. Two plain metal bangles

Fairly narrow ones will work best (less than half an inch thick). However, you can use one thick and one thin if you’d like to create an asymmetrical set. They should be bracelets that fit easily over your hand and that are fairly loose on your wrist. 

2. A long, thin accent scarf in a lightweight material

Choose the kind you might tie around a sunhat or wear to hold back your hair. One with tasseled knots or fringe on the ends is perfect. You may want to pick one in a vibrant color like aqua or yellow for summer. A fabric with metallic threads woven through it works particularly well.

Steps for Wrapping the Bracelets:

1. Thread the scarf through the first bracelet so the bangle is at the mid-point of the scarf

2. Bring the two ends of the scarf together, letting the bangle hang down like a pendant on a necklace

3. Spin the bangle to twist the scarf into a long rope – the tighter the better (just like tightening the string on a yo-yo)

4. Wrap the twisted scarf around and through the bracelet over and over until you get all the way around to the starting point and the whole bangle is covered

5. Thread the ends of the scarf under the original knot to hold them in place

6. Add the second bangle by tying it snugly to the first bracelet with the ends of the scarf

7. Twist the ends of the scarf into a rope again

8. Wrap the second bangle just like the first

9. Thread the tails under and tie a final knot to keep the scarf in place

10. Let the very ends of the scarf hang free so that the fringe is visible

That’s it! You can experiment with different ways to wrap the bracelets and add ribbons, leather thongs, feathers, or other materials to add even more chic boho style.

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Resort Jewelry for Beach Destinations - Part 4

- Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It’s back to the beach again for this fourth installment covering the hottest beach locations in 2013. This time, we fly away to the lovely Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. It’s the most exotic place an American can go these days without a passport. But you will need some basic photo ID. Otherwise, you might just forget who you are as you while away the time sipping cocktails on the sand. The W Retreat & Spa has all the usual amenities you’d expect at a luxury hotel. But what will really tempt your imagination is a tourist attraction that is unique to Vieques – a body of water full of tiny, living jewels.

If it’s a dark night with little moonlight, you can board a pontoon and enjoy the luminescent waters of the “biobay” where emerald green dinoflagellates dance in the water. Once upon a time, you could dive in and let these sparks of light envelop you in an almost otherworldly experience. These days, swimmers are discouraged from taking a dip in the biobay because their presence can disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem. So, you’ll have to content yourself with adorning your body in other ways. We think the blue-green shimmer of the tiny stones in the labradorite wrap is the perfect resort jewelry for this locale.

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Handmade Bracelet Designs

- Friday, June 14, 2013

Swanky jewelry store bracelets can look very nice for evening wear. But handmade bracelet designs are often just the thing for everyday accessorizing. Some of the most special pieces are those you make for yourself (or the ones your daughter makes for you at summer camp). Here are a few well-loved and surprisingly simple DIY bracelet designs:

Friendship Bracelets

This is the ideal project to use up bits and pieces of embroidery floss. The end result is highly wearable and can even be gently washed (if you don’t mind it getting a little fuzzy). You can pick a special blend of colors to remind you of particular experiences, places, or people. Or, you can just choose ones that match your outfit. Find a tutorial with pictures at Instructables.

Macramé Bracelets

Speaking of a real blast from the past, macramé bracelets that mix large beads and colored jute yarn will take you all the way back to Woodstock. If you don’t have the patience to make a friendship bracelet, you might prefer this type of project. Get schooled by a very mellow teacher here. The texture of a knotty bracelet makes it a great item for beachwear. Plus, it’s so easy to make that you can wear it in the ocean. When the jute gets frazzled, just cut it away and reuse your beads.

Lanyard Bracelets

Lanyard making is another summer camp braiding technique you can use to make handmade bracelet designs this summer. Our favorite tutorial by Lauren Conrad blends a lanyard section in vivid hues with faux gold plated chain. It’s a fun way to add a pop of color to an outfit, layered with other bracelets or even a chunky gold watch.

Beaded Bracelets

Do you just want to string some beads on a wire and be done with it? The crimped technique for bracelet making lets you focus more on designing the bracelet and less on actually constructing it. This project requires more tools than the other bracelet making methods. However, you will end up with a piece of jewelry that looks professionally finished. The only way people will know it is handmade is because you brag a little when they ask where you bought it.

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Resort Jewelry for Beach Destinations - Part 3

- Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A serene shoreline just outside Panama City is the next destination on our tour of the hottest beach resort locations for 2013. This is the home of the Westin Playa Bonita Panama (a hotel named for the beautiful beach). The Pacific Ocean invites you to take a swim on one side while the lush rainforest tells you to take a hike on the other.

At this narrowest point in Central America, you’ll find a surprisingly wide variety of amenities and sights to enjoy. The hotel itself has the obligatory spa as well as plenty of kid-friendly activities courtesy of the Westin Kids Club. This line of resorts likes to boast about all the attention to little details that make a big difference, from the Heavenly Bed to the scent of white tea infusing the air.

In the same way, your resort jewelry should be the little detail that makes your wardrobe for this vacation memorable. Natural beauty and wildlife feature prominently at this location – including bird and whale watching. So we recommend wildlife inspired accessories like the Pame Designs Baroque Pearl Freshwater Lariat. The leather and pearl combo is as sweet as a breath of fresh mountain air salted by a sea breeze. Plus, you can wear it as either a necklace or a wrapped bracelet to take your look from night to day.

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Jewelry Design Glossary: Ring Settings Part 2

- Thursday, June 6, 2013

As a follow up to our last post on jewelry design, here’s a look at the other main category of ring settings. These are “enclosed settings” or ones that typically fully surround the edges of the stone. These aren’t going to let as much light in, but they do have other advantages:

  • They protect more of the surface of the stone from scratches or other damage
  • They aren’t as likely to get snagged or caught on clothing or other items

Each setting can be done with a single stone (solitaire), a triplet of stones, a cluster, or complete encrustation.


This is a very basic setting with a band of metal encircling a stone. The ring of metal has a groove in it that cups over the edge of the stone, holding it firmly in place. This metal edge can conceal chips along the perimeter of a stone, making it a great option if you have a less than perfect gem that you would like to have made into jewelry without having it recut to a smaller size. The color of the metal will reflect through pale stones such as diamond, so choose your setting material with care.


This is a long groove setting that holds multiple stones next to one another (rather than having a bezel around each individual stone). It is a very nice option if you usually prefer to wear a plain band but want to add sparkle. You might choose all the same gemstones around the circumference of the band or a short channel with different gemstones to mix things up a little. For example, if you have four children, you might have each of their birth stones set into a channel.


This is a gorgeous setting for putting bling on a ring. It is used to completely encrust a surface with many tiny, sparkly gems or crystals to reflect light in a twinkling array of beauty. You can see an example of this setting on the triple pave nugget necklace right here. On a ring, pave is often used to surround larger stones or even to decorate the sides of a ring to add a 3D effect. 

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Resort Jewelry for Beach Destinations - Part 2

- Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Next up on our tour of the hottest beach resort locations for 2013 is the Ritz Carlton in Cancun, Mexico. On this vacation, it’s all about indulging your gourmand side. Enjoy fine dining al fresco in a Casita by the beach or surround yourself with elegance in the Mediterranean “Fantino” restaurant. For lighter fare, savor the best seafood stylings Japan and Latin America have to offer at the Sushi and Ceviche bar.

The location boasts a “Viking Culinary Center” where you can eat a five star meal that is cooked while you watch and wait. Or, you can tie on an apron and learn to whip up a few signature Mexican/Italian inspired dishes yourself. If you are a very brave soul, you can even enter an Extreme Chef contest. The resort’s website doesn’t say if they have a bad-tempered British chef on staff to curse and yell at you while you compete. But we’re sure it’s a fun time anyway!

You may find yourself reaching for a swimsuit cover-up to hide the few extra pounds you pack on when you stay at this posh hotel. But you can still show off your wrists with one of Pame Design’s signature cutout cuffs. The crushed blue quartz will remind you of the deep blue of the ocean. The snug fit of this resort jewelry will keep it out of the way while you’re working the sauté station.



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New Jewelry Designs Defy Categorization

- Sunday, June 2, 2013

“That’s a lovely brooch you’re wearing. Or, is it a pendant…or maybe a barrette? Is that a tiara or a necklace – or both?” Last fall, novel jewelry designs that were hard to classify were on display at the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris. Several high end jewelers including Bulgari, Cartier and Chanel delighted jewelry aficionados with multi-use pieces that could be broken down into separate components to give wearers more options in how to wear each collection.

Of course, the idea of transformable jewelry has been around for over 100 years. But there are always unexpected twists on old ideas. For example, Chaumet now offers a sautoir (long necklace) that can be worn at the neck or along the hips and another necklace with dangling pearls that detach to be worn as earrings. At Pame Designs, you can capture the transformable trend with new jewelry designs like the 14kt gold leatheret necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet.

What other jewelry pieces do you wish you could wear two different ways? Let us know in the comments.

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Get The Look: Oscar de la Renta Resort Jewelry Makes a Statement

- Friday, May 31, 2013

Resort was once considered the “off” season in the fashion industry, but today all the top designers are putting together extravagant shows to fill up the slow time between the launch of their fall and spring collections. Rather than haute couture that’s hard for the average woman to see herself wearing, these pieces are intended to be highly wearable. That goes for the accessories just as much as the garments we see on the models. Vogue and the rest of the fashion world are all agog this month over the latest resort fashion collection from Oscar de la Renta. The resort jewelry in the collection got a lot of notice for being showy and chunky – like vintage costume jewelry with some extra punch. For example, one model wears a thick gold cuff bracelet with colorful stones. It reminds us of the newest arrivals in our collection that you can find right here.


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