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Resort Jewelry for the Top 5 Beach Destinations in 2013

- Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Are you planning a trip to the ocean shore this summer? Will you be hitting one of the hottest beach resort locations for 2013? If you’re getting away to one of the top five destinations on Boca do Lobo’s list, you’ll need to pack the right resort jewelry. We’ve matched up the perfect item from the Pame Designs collection for each resort just for you. This week, we take you down to the white sandy beaches of Florida to tour the first destination.

St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, Miami Beach

St. Regis is well known for its five star luxury hotels, and the long-awaited resort at Bal Harbour is simply the newest pearl on the chain. It has already earned recognition as the 2013 SPG Member “best beach resort”. The location boasts quite a poolside experience. You can reserve a cabana to provide shade as you enjoy the Tranquility pool or one of two infinity pools. The website boasts that guests can even access butler service poolside. That conjures a funny image of a dignified servant in long tails trying to avoid getting splashed as he hands you an o-shibori to wipe your brow. There are also reflexology and massage “samplers” to whet your appetite for a full body treatment after a day of exercise at the resort’s Technogym® fitness center.

However, this resort is best known for the inimitable Remède Spa with amenities that will make even the most seasoned travel gasp in delight, and then let out that breath in a long sigh of relaxation. In fact, this resort is billed as one gigantic “spa without walls”, bringing guests unrivaled comfort in every room. This spa is a modern take on a very old theme. The Greeks had their “laconica” and the Japanese enjoyed the “onsen”.  The first large-scale spa of note was actually a “thermae” constructed by Emperor Agrippa in Rome circa 25 BC. You’ll be enjoying a cashmere robe rather than a silk toga during your vacation, but you can give a nod to spa history with a Roman glass slice necklace.



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Do Celebrity Rings Have a Special Meaning?

- Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As you probably know, celebrities hire all kinds of image consultants to help them put together the perfect outfit for a red carpet or TV appearance. Whatever system a wardrobe coach or image consultant uses, they pay special attention to accessories. They may even use Feng Shui and other symbolic systems to help their clients send the right message. For example, celebrity rings may be carefully selected for design and materials. The finger they are worn on also has symbolic significance. Here’s a rundown of the special meanings of each finger and how you can send a subtle message with your jewelry the same way the stars do:

Index Finger

This is your pointer finger – the one you use to choose what you want. It’s not surprising that wearing a ring on this finger is about decisiveness and leadership. If you want to express determination, adorn this finger.

Middle Finger

The middle finger is about balance, fairness and your sense of right and wrong. This makes sense because it is centrally located on your hand. If you are attempting to be more introspective and “even handed”, wear your ring here. Interestingly, this tends to be the finger where we most often spot celebrities wearing the stacked gold bar ring.

Ring Finger

This finger isn’t just about being married. The ring finger on either hand stands for relationships as well as self-expression. Express your sense of style with a ring on this digit that reminds you of those you love – perhaps one that you received as a gift. It’s a good place for your own birth stone or the birth stone of your spouse or child.

Little Finger

This is your finger for intuitive knowing and cleverness. Be subtle with the ring you choose for this finger. The jewelry piece can be a delicate and ornate item that has its own story that reminds you of a good choice you’ve made.


We won’t leave out this digit – it’s a fantastic place to wear a ring. You’ve heard the expression “having someone under your thumb”. Well, the thumb is an expression of your will in the world. Use it but don’t abuse it! Wear a ring here when you need to boost your own self-confidence and belief in your personal power.

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Boho Style Tips for Your Guy

- Friday, May 24, 2013

Do you think Boho style would look great on your man? Do you want to help him achieve this effect without ending up looking messy and unkempt? Here are a few items to sneak into his closet.

- Loose fitting, long sleeved shirts in a lightweight fabric
- Layered t-shirts in earthy colors
- A fitted, single button or open front vest in a dark, solid color
- High-waisted brown or black wool trousers for winter
- Non-dyed linen or canvas slacks for summer
- Faded jeans with a little wear but no big holes or tears
- Leather thong sandals for summer
- Round toed suede boots for winter
- Pointed toe leather shoes for dressing up
- A felt fedora or cap
- A scarf in wool or other natural materials
- A leather belt with an understated brass buckle
- Layered leather, metal and stone Boho style jewelry pieces for neck and wrists

Don’t try to rush your guy into going “all the way” Boho. Take things a couple of accessories at a time for a sneaky makeover!




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Awesome Aussie Celebrity Jewelry

- Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have you looked through our celebrity jewelry photo collection lately? You’ll see that some of our favorite designs are getting a lot of play in the media. We were delighted to spot Australian actress Abbie Cornish showcasing our brass oxidized Pave’ Nugget necklace in a CNN interview talking about her role in “The Girl”.

The coated pewter pendant, hung on a gold plated chain, is completely encrusted with tiny pave crystals to make it catch the light (a big plus under the hot lights in a TV studio). The blend of chunky metal and delicate crystals makes it an eye-catching but still understated piece that give gravitas to a rising starlet. It would go with just about any outfit, but we think it’s particularly classy with Abbie’s dark blazer and top.

Whatever happened with “The Girl”? Sadly, the critics didn’t think much of the David Riker film. However, they did imply that Cornish is the one shining nugget that made the movie worth watching. 

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Chic Boho Style on Pinterest

- Monday, May 20, 2013

Where do you go for inspiration on how to combine jewelry to achieve a perfectly chic boho style? We’re betting you like to frequent the Pinterest website where visuals are what it’s all about. We found a great pinboard by contributor Susan Engle where you can see lots of different “flavors” of this trendy style. The “Bohemian” theme is, by its very nature, highly eclectic. It can draw on designs and materials from all over the globe while still maintaining its earthy, authentic feel. So, while the individual jewelry items and accessories you select are important, how you achieve your overall look by layering the right pieces is even more critical. As you scroll through the gorgeous pins on Susan’s board, you’ll notice a few common denominators:

Long, Long, Long Necklaces

If your necklace is long enough to get tangled in the handlebars of your bicycle, it’s totally Boho! Your longest necklace serves as a frame for all the shorter ones you layer on top. Beaded, pendant, and chain necklaces are all great choices that will swing and sway as you walk. 

Stacked Bangles and Cuffs

If you are a free spirit, chances are you gesticulate with your hands unselfconsciously as you speak (or dance). Adding lots of bracelets gives your movements even more emphasis. Get kinetic with your bangles to create a soundtrack for your life.

Leather and Feathers

Cold, hard metal and shiny, brittle beads need to be counterbalanced with more organic materials. Leather indicates that you are no thin-skinned socialite while colorful plumage shows that you aren’t afraid to stand out from the rest of the flock. Seashells also make an appearance in Boho beach jewelry to add the element of water.

Chunky Bouquet of Rings

Rings bring your fingers alive, so why stop with just one? If you wear a ring on every finger, no one will be able to tell if you’re married or engaged. This adds to your air of mystery and lets you flirt just a little! Semi-precious stones each have their own meaning, so you can carry a whole story in your hands.

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Understanding Jewelry Designs: Earring Glossary

- Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Listen up, because ear accessories are the next topic in our series on jewelry designs. Here, you’ll learn about the four basic types of earrings along with fashion tips for how to wear them:


earringsLike a simple chain necklace or an unadorned ring, the stud is the accessory you can wear anywhere, anytime. Because they lie snug against the earlobe, you can wear these earrings with a choker without making your neck area look too busy. Choose pearls or semi-precious stones for daytime and diamonds or chunky gold nuggets for evening.


Celebrity JewelryThis style is longer than a stud and draws the eye down from the ear to the angle of the jaw. Drops may move a little, but most are largely stationary. A drop gets lost easily in long hair, so wear your locks up out of the way to showcase this style of earring. Look for bright colors and eye-catching patterns to add sparkle and finesse, such as our Green Beryl Drop Earrings.


Celebrity JewelryWith hoops, size matters more than any other feature. A small hoop that hugs the ear is ideal for active daily wear. Large hoops are perfect for wearing with your hair down in long, loose waves for a night out. If you have very short hair, you can also pull these off - just make sure the earrings don’t make your head look small in comparison. Hoops don’t have to be round. Experiment with oblong styles as well. Check out our Green Opal Pave Hoops or our Hammered Hoop with Grey Suede


The movement of dangle earrings makes them one of the most fun styles to wear. They are typically longer than a drop (some can reach almost to the shoulder) and are attached in such a way as to allow a relaxed, swinging movement. Choose leather fringe or beaded hoops for daytime and crystal encrusted or gold filigree chandeliers for evening.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Steps Out After Being Named “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” By People Magazine

- Wednesday, May 8, 2013

If you’ve browsed our celebrity jewelry collection, you know Gwyneth Paltrow has great taste in accessories. We certainly agree with People Magazine that Paltrow is one of the “most beautiful women in the world”. She also knows which dress designer to conspire with at a movie premiere to ensure she shows up the competition. The statuesque blonde actress drew the lens of every photographer within a half mile radius when she stepped out in a dress with a white front, a navy back, and virtually no sides on the Ironman 3 red carpet. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Paltrow revealing substantial dermal real estate in an Antonio Berardi number. She showed off her trim torso in 2008 at the “Two Lovers” premiere in a dress that appeared to be cut out to show a lacy corset underneath.

Sheer Genius or Fashion Disaster?

This latest dress ventured into new territory. Only a whisper of navy mesh stood between Gwyneth’s toned haunches and the eager paparazzi. Even with so much else going on with the fabrics, shapes and colors, the eye is inexorably drawn to where a wisp of lingerie should be showing. Some fashion reporters are calling this look iconic while “Go Fug Yourself” is, of course dishing up a heavy dose of snark because that’s just what they do. Love the dress or hate it, you will probably never forget it.

Don’t Miss the Celebrity Jewelry

If you’ve seen any of the hundreds of images of this dress online, you may have completely overlooked the accessories. We actually think this is the most interesting part of Paltrow’s outfit. There’s a white gold and diamond ring on her left hand that’s difficult to see against her pale skin. But there’s no missing the asymmetrical earrings. A stud in one ear and a cascading floral chandelier in the other is quite a combination. It’s a bold choice, but it works for a couple of reasons. First, the two items still match in terms of materials and color. Second, Gwyneth has long hair to help partially conceal the longer earring so it doesn’t overpower its smaller mate. Instead, it plays peekaboo with the audience rather than giving it all away. There is something to be said for subtlety…

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A Gold Bar Ring Won’t Weigh You Down

- Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jewelry design is just as much about the materials as it is about the shape. While precious gems and pearls often get showcased, metals don’t always get their fair share of the spotlight. In fact, gold has taken the back seat for too long, playing a supporting role in all types of jewelry. It’s time to let gold really shine! That’s what you can do with a gold bar ring from Pame Design. This unique piece features a tiny gold ingot that feels just right on your finger. It’s decorated all the way around with tiny pave crystals the color of amber topaz. It’s like the gold bar is wearing a little tiara! You’ll find yourself reaching for this piece of jewelry when you want to add a flash of chunky gold to an outfit. This ring plays well with others, so load up both hands for a one-two punch of style.

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Glam Up Your Relaxation With Resort Jewelry

- Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Are you planning to spend a week relaxing at a fantastic resort? Jewelry should be on your list of things to pack right after comfortable and stylish walking shoes. That’s because having the right accessories reduces the amount of clothing you need to take along. Mixing and matching jewelry or wearing it in different ways can change the look of an outfit instantly. For example, our Triple Tahitian Wrap necklace you wear poolside in the evening can be switched to a bracelet for a day on the golf course. Or, put our Pelota Stackable Rings on a chain as a pendant. If you’re feeling adventurous, layer several necklaces to create a new look with the same pieces.

Which Resort Style Accessories Should You Bring Along?

• Pick items that are well made with sturdy clasps so you don’t accidentally lose a favorite piece far from home.

• Don’t forget to pack some uncomplicated pieces like smooth cuff bracelets, rings with smooth settings and stud earrings that you can wear during activities where movement might snag more ornate pieces. Our Faux Bois Wave Bangle Set goes with just about any ensemble!

• Leather and stones are always suitable for casual daytime wear at a resort. Go for artistic pieces that show the creative side of your personality. If you like to wear a lot of plain white linen or other neutral tones while you are at a resort, add color with your jewelry. Our Crushed Cuff with Green Moss Agate is perfect for adding a pop of color.

• Go with the theme of the resort. Surfer style jewelry is ideal for a resort in Maui but wouldn’t be on trend for a ski vacation in Aspen.

• Stash a couple of nicer statement pieces, like our Black Diamond Wrap with Tahitian Pearls, in your luggage so you can really dress up at least once or twice. Gold and pearls are classics for a reason, so don’t leave home without them. Remember to have any high-priced items stored in the resort’s safe.

Finally, choose at least one piece that seems too gaudy or unusual for your life “back home”. A vacation is the perfect time to step outside your comfort zone and try something new with your resort jewelry. You might discover an entirely new side of yourself! For more resort style inspiration, check out our Beachy Resort Jewelry & Style board on Pinterest or watch our "How to Get Beach Style with Boho Jewelry " on Youtube!

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Marcasite Is Out of Sight for Boho Style

- Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One of the most appealing things about Boho style jewelry is the way it combines materials and themes. For example, pyrite, leather and pearls might seem like an unusual combination. But they go together perfectly in the Pame Marcasite Medallion and Tahitian Pearl Necklace. The circular design looks like a field of tiny daisies, perfect for bringing out your inner flower child.

The pearls add another layer of mystery to the necklace with their dark, opalescent surface. They look like they were pulled from the ocean just yesterday and hung on a leather cord to dry around your neck. These richly colored pearls are a symbol of hope for the heart, so wear this jewelry close to your heart. You’ll find yourself reaching for this piece to pair with everything from tunic tops to tank tops for a casual daytime look at work or at play.

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